• Ecommerce EFT payments made easy
    EasyWire provides a convenient means for South African online shoppers to purchase goods and services from your ecommerce store quickly and safely.

Affordable Solution

Low fees make EasyWire a cost-effective solution for online businesses of all sizes.


From integration for ecommerce sites, to shopper experience, EasyWire is easy to use.

Credit Card Free

Attract more customers than ever before with our EFT payment solutions, direct to your account.

With the seamless integration of our EFT solutions, online merchants can provide a new payment option to clients and expand their customer base.


About EasyWire

EasyWire was created to offer online merchants a new means of online payment support for their clients. Shoppers are no longer constrained by credit card only payment methods with our EasyWire solution. We aim to provide a payment process that is easily integrated into ecommerce sites with little disruption to business, as well as a thoroughly secure payment platform for clients and merchants alike, eliminating the risk of fraud and chargebacks. Preservation of sensitive, private information is assured with EasyWire.

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